Re-Delivery Schedule - Fall 2016

Tuesday, August 23

Please note: This schedule is subject to change. A confirmed arrangement is required for re-delivery. Watch for email updates from us the week of Aug. 15.

    10:00 AM Adirondack, Palisades, Nyack, Belmont, Catskill, Minnewaska, Lakeside, Keuka, Darien, Evangela, Jones, Hempstead, Fillmore, Rockland, Saratoga, Glimmerglass: Lot ZZ near Bus Stop

    10:30 AM Brandywine, Choconut, Nanticoke, Glenwood: parking lot X

    11:15 AM All locations

    11:15 AM Smith, Roosevelt & Lehman: Lot behind dining hall — near dumpsters

    11:30 AM Hughes & Cleveland: Parking lot L, behind Hughes & Cleveland


    11:45 AM Mohawk: back of Mohawk in parking lot facing the Old Union

Dickinson Community
    12:15 PM Rafuse, O'Connor & Johnson: Parking lot next to Rafuse

    1:00 PM Delaware: Front of Delaware near dumpster

    1:30 PM Bingham: near main entrance - upper lot loading dock

    1:45 PM Broome & Endicott: Lower parking lot between Broome & Endicott

All Off Campus Locations
    Time and location will be arranged on an individual basis


* Please visit the Binghamton University Parking Services website for information on lot locations at: pdfs/parking-services-map.pdf