Packing Guide

How to Pack Your Belongings

How to Pack the Following Items:
Plastic Storage Bins & Drawers: Plastic storage bins with casters must have the casters removed and placed inside the bin. It may be easier for you to roll around those items that way, but in some cases the casters can break; therefore we will not be responsible for the breakage of those casters. Make sure that all bins and bin drawers are taped shut. It is advisable that you have the bins somewhat full with items that you plan to store.

Books: Pack all books in our book box. Do not put books in any other box due to weight issues. Remember, if you can't move it don't expect us to lift it.

Bedding, Linens and Winter Clothes (soft goods): Use your bedding, linens and winter clothes to pack as cushioning around items such as a printer. It does not make sense to put all your soft goods into boxes and have the hard goods by themselves.

Computers and Electronic Equipment: If possible use your original boxes to store these items. When using our boxes make sure to tightly secure all contents. Cover monitor screen with a sheet of bubble-wrap. We also suggest filling the box with towels and bedding to make sure the items are not loose. Also label the outside of the box "fragile" so our movers will be aware of that.

Monitors: In most cases monitors fit in the medium box. Use some of your towels, sweatshirts (soft goods) to pack around them.

Printers: Most printers can fit into a small box. You may also put some of your school supplies in that box as well.

DVD's - VCR's: We recommend that these items be put into a box (either medium or large). If you have more than one of these items make sure that some form of cushion is used between them.

Trunks/Footlockers: These items do not go into a box. Make sure the trunk/footlocker is completely closed and locked if possible. Place label with your name directly on top and on the side as well.

Refrigerators: This item does not go into a box. Unplug the fridge at least 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up. Make sure it is completely defrosted and dry. Place a spacer between the door and tape shut. The spacer will allow air to circulate so that it does not smell when you get it back. The power cord should be stuffed in the bottom of the fridge so the cord is not dragging behind. Place a label with your name on it. If the fridge has any fluid dripping from it, you will face an additional charge.

Microwaves: Microwaves are fine the way they are. We recommend that you tape down the glass turntable, tape it shut, tape the power cord on the back of the unit. Place a label with your name on it.

Carpets & Rugs: Tightly roll up your carpets and rugs; tape at both ends and in the middle. Place a label with your name on it.

Lamps: Small desk lamps can fit into a large box with other soft goods. Tall lamps can be taken the way they are, but if the lamp can be disassembled it could fit into a large box with other soft goods. Light bulbs must be removed. We are not responsible for storing light bulbs.

Fans: The smaller desk fans can fit into either a medium or a large box. Box fans are fine the way they are. The Tall Fans can be brought down the way they are. Place a label with your name on it.

Vacuum Cleaners: They are fine the way they are. Make sure that all attachments are taped and secure.

Furniture: Make sure that all drawers and shelves are completely closed and taped shut. (If the item can be disassembled, it will save on the cost) Try to cover furniture to protect from minor scratches. Particleboard furniture is not very sturdy, and cannot handle the weight at times.

Book Cases and Book Shelves: Can be taken the way they are. If that item can be disassembled, it is recommended.

Posters & Large Prints: Posters can be rolled or folded and put in a box. Combine other framed pictures, tape them together and place a label with your name on them.

Televisions: Televisions must be stored in their original boxes. We can not supply boxes for televisions.

Labeling Your Items:

All items need to be properly labeled with your full name and delivery address. Label each and every box with a heavy black marker. Please write your name on at least two sides of the box. For all other items such as trunks, refrigerators, microwaves, furniture, plastic storage bins, etc.... Download our printable labels (link to PDF) and properly place on each item (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the labels).

Taping Your Boxes:
Make sure that all sides are taped to assure there are no broken boxes.

What You Shouldn't Store:
We do not accept:
1. Valuable items or items with intangible value such as jewelry, cash, collectibles, etc.
2. Any item extremely fragile such as tall mirrors.
3. Liquids: Shampoos, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, dish soap, Clorox, hair spray or any other flammable substances.

Need Help?
If you have any other questions regarding packing, e-mail us at or call our customer service team at 607.644.1044. Good Luck on your finals and we look forward to assisting you with your summer storage needs.